A person can put on an act of being kind and thoughtful, until the littlest thing happens, and their true character comes out. Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to cause quite a disturbance. Why do some people have such a good reputation? Because they’re consistently kind in all they do. They respect every person and they don’t look down on anyone unless they’re helping them up. They care about their parents and neighbors, and they speak to everyone.

Keeping in mind that one person can’t be all things to everyone, they can only be true to themselves. Much of this knowledge comes from the parents who raised them. Alex Figliolia Jr. was raised by Alex Figliolia, who operates a family owned business that was started 80 years ago. It’s called Figliolia Contracting, and it’s located in Brooklyn, New York. This is where Alex Figliolia Jr, who now resides in Staten Island, New York, developed his passion for plumbing and construction.

Through the course of his young life, he also fell in love with motorcycles, boating, and developing a blog with his most encouraging thoughts. He wholeheartedly appreciates the veterans who fought for his freedom, allowing him to enjoy his life to the fullest. Because of them, he gives back to his community and to organizations helping the military men and women he cares so deeply about.

Alex Figliolia Jr. is a philanthropist who gives freely to the Wounded Warriors Project that is helping veterans who’ve been seriously injured in their missions. He also feels a deep passion for the firemen, EMTs, and police who went into the World Trade Center on September 1, 2011, and never came back out. The world needs more caring people like him.

At the same time, he enjoys life to the fullest. Life shouldn’t be just about worries and work. With Alex, it’s about enjoying every second he can with those people who are closest to him. Much of this enjoyment comes in the form of boating. To him, there’s nothing like a day out on smooth waters boating with family members in the city that never sleeps.

An old saying from long ago states that allowing wind to blow through one’s hair keeps a person sane. There’s a lot to be said about this sentence. No one can look picture perfect at all times, and the person in the sentence doesn’t care. This is how Alex is.

A person that truly enjoys riding a motorcycle on mountain roads in the fall when leaves are changing, or on a highway along the beach on a summer day is worth knowing. When a person is as passionate about giving back to the community as Alex is, he’s worth being friends with, and doing business with.